St. Paul PsychologyStephen M. Hjemboe, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Stephen M. Hjemboe, PhD 
Licensed Psychologist

2233 North Hamline Avenue
Suite 212
Saint Paul, MN 55113



I provide psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and counseling to couples and individuals 18 and older.  I work with people dealing with situations they are having trouble handling on their own, such as work stress, relationship problems, family troubles, and dealing with anger and conflict. Often there is a mental health issue involved such as severe anxiety, OCD, a phobia, social  anxiety, PTSD, depression, or bipolar disorder. I help people understand, cope more effectively with, and in many cases beat the problems they come in with. In every case my job is to help a person attain a healthier level of living.

I think the most important thing in my work is  understanding the person I'm working with. If I “get” you, your issues and your history - and you feel that I do - then we’re probably going to have a productive relationship. If that doesn’t happen with your therapist – whoever it is – it’s important to talk about it or move on.

The second most important thing is finding the therapeutic strategy that works for a person. My practice is based on what works rather than on one particular theory.  I use tools from many schools of psychotherapy. If a tool or approach isn’t working for you, I quickly move on until I find one that does.

Among the schools of therapy I draw from are cognitive-behavioral (CBT), psychoanalytic, object relations, Jungian, attachment, interpersonal, and family systems theories. 

But first and foremost I’m a psychologist. My work is based on the science of psychology and the accumulated understanding of how the mind works and how human beings think, feel, behave, learn, change, and interact. The science behind my work is constantly developing, and I stay on top of my field through reading and regular continuing education. 

I encourage active involvement in psychotherapy.  Sometimes talking to an impartial listener is just what a person needs – just  to have a sounding board. But often, being more actively involved in analyzing your thoughts and feelings and having them challenged - as well as trying new behaviors between sessions - is what a person needs.  My patients also have the chance to  e-journal  and send thoughts, feelings, and experiences to me between sessions so we can get right into them at our next visit.  

However we design your treatment, it is my job first to understand, then to respect your pace, and then to help you resolve your problems and reach your  goals as quickly as possible, using all the tools I have to offer. It can be exciting work that can change your life forever. 




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